& So, the lights go on again.
Hey guys! I'm Nanou, 21 year old girl! Taking on this world one day at a time. :)
Trying to find my place in this big world. Right now I think my place is in the GameIndustry. But I love other things as well like Dancing,Make-Uping, Being with my family , Singing, 100%VIDEOGAMELOVER. & just being me. :)


© Gloria Pizzilli

Beautiful song ! :)))

I am fully healed though, I’m seeing technicolors again <3 .
& this dull gray world has changed into a vibrant color.

Song of the day ! HAPPY SONG

GUYSH IMMA BEAR .. BUT FIRST…letme take a selfie

kigurumi        nounerd       


I saw this and cracked up because honestly…. does anyone know the rest of this song? XD These two words were everything. 


This is why I love taking walks. You never know what you’re going to find.

Title: You Can't Stop The Beat
Artist: Glee Cast
Played: 569 times

And if you try to hold me down 
I’m gonna spit in your eye and say 
That you can’t stop the beat!